Mission and Vision


We offer independent advice about purchasing and managing software licenses. This allows you, our client, to make your own well-informed choices about the right software licenses, based on all the facts and your organization’s short- and long-term needs.

We are the only party in the Netherlands that offers this kind of advice about software licenses independently from other parties. We do not receive any fees from third parties. We are not affiliated with any software suppliers or vendors. Instead, we have established the right connections at the top levels of these organizations to realize the most optimal software licensing contracts for our clients.

LCxp was founded based on the conviction that clients of software resellers deserve a partner who acts entirely in their best interest when it comes to software licenses. Every day, we work for a growing number of domestic and foreign clients. That is something we are quite proud of.


We make the world of software licenses insightful and transparent.

Clients of software resellers deserve a partner who acts in their – and only their – best interest.

We are that partner for you.

We are that partner who knows everything there is to know about the constantly changing regulations pertaining to software licenses. In our eyes, these regulations are often made unnecessarily complicated by software vendors. We get to the bottom of these regulations to ensure our clients are – and stay – compliant at all times while paying the lowest possible rates.

Software and licensing regulations are often unclear and therefore subject to interpretation. Contrary to all other software licensing consultants out there, LCxp is the only party on the market with the motivation to interpret the licensing regulations from the client’s perspective. That enables us, in collaboration with our clients, to realise significant short- and long-term savings.

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We can make the world of software & licenses insightful and transparent for you.