Cloud Optimization

Lost in the Cloud?

With Cloudkey, LCxp’s cloud service, you get the opportunity to optimize performance in your cloud environment, gain insight and reduce costs. When setting up the cloud environment, there are many options and possibilities, which makes it difficult to set it up as optimally as possible. LCxp helps you with this, by planning and executing what-if scenarios so that you have the right resources at your disposal.


What can CloudKey do?

Cloud Scoping
A benchmark of your current infrastructure to gain more insight into your current Cloud environment.

Cloud Optimization
By optimizing your environment you maximize your resources resulting in a lower Cloud spend.

Cloud Migration Assessment
Gain insight into your on-premise environment and see which Cloud Solution Provider suits you best.


Why CloudKey?

Save 20 to 40%
Through a combination of independent specialism and tooling, savings are a matter of course.

Resourceful party
With LCxp’s Cloud knowledge and licensing background, you will acquire a diversity of expertise that is not available anywhere else.

100% independent
LCxp is only paid by the customer, which results in a fully transparent and clear advice.


The result of this service is that you can make optimal use of your Cloud environment and quickly identify where an organization is in terms of IT maturity through key performance metrics.

How can we help you?

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