Cloud Optimization

Cloud optimization with CloudKey

The advantages that cloud computing offers depend heavily on the setup of the IT environment in the cloud. Only when both systems and workloads are optimally configured can an organization take advantage of the numerous benefits the cloud has to offer. LCxp sees that a lack of optimization causes many companies to exceed their cloud budget.

The two main challenges companies face, are:

  • Finding the right scale
    Determining the right resources and computing power needed to run the business in the cloud.
  • Cleaning up the IT environment in the cloud
    Mapping which items are used in the cloud to gain insight into systems that are no longer in use, but are still being paid for.

CloudKey helps with cloud optimization

Optimizing resources and setting up a cloud environment is no easy task. Existing cloud tools often do not offer the in-depth insight necessary to achieve significant savings. With CloudKey, LCxp offers a tool that uses artificial intelligence to map your company’s cloud environment and its use. This gives a quick insight as to where savings can be made.

The benefits of IaaS optimization

The benefits of a cloud infrastructure (IaaS) are numerous. A cloud environment is highly scalable, flexible, and offers quick access to extra resources that can be scaled back immediately when demand drops. With the right tooling, you have full insight and complete control over your cloud environment.
The benefit of not needing to invest in own hardware, but paying for the use of resources as needed, brings huge agility to a company. The IT environment does no longer have to be set up for occasional peak loads with the systems gathering dust the rest of the time. Cloud offers the flexibility to add and remove resources as needed.


Crucial to a cloud migration is that organizations actually benefit from the advantages it provides, such as scalability and cost reduction. Many companies tend to move their traditional IT environment to the cloud on a one-to-one basis, without looking at where that environment can be optimized. When moving to the cloud, it’s important for organizations to consider which components are being used, which online location is allocated, or why components are necessary for business operations and activities.

Save with CloudKey

The major cloud providers – Microsoft, Google, and Amazon – almost all offer portals for optimization of the cloud environment. Yet, these portals offer little depth and only provide a general insight into the use of the cloud. It is difficult to save costs with that limited information.

As an independent ICT advisor, LCxp has developed the CloudKey tool and the accompanying step-by-step plan, which provides organizations with complete insights and analyses, so that cost savings are within easy reach.

Organizations look at a completely new environment from a traditional point of view. If you renovate your bathroom and then simply hang up the old shower head again, you are not saving water and costs. You have to hang a water-saving shower head for that. It’s the same with the cloud. You can only work cost-efficiently in the cloud when you optimize the workloads. That means you have to look at whether the workloads you currently have running in your IT environment are efficient and optimally configured.
– Azer Mehrab, Cloud Solutions Specialist, LCxp

The CloudKey Roadmap

Is your organization exploring relevant cloud environments? LCxp’s Cloud Migration Assessment provides quick and easy insight into the on-premise environment and, based on that, advices you on the best-suited cloud provider.

The CloudKey roadmap consists of three parts:

  1. Cloud Scoping
    The first step consists of a benchmark of your current infrastructure to gain insight into the existing IT environment in the cloud.
  2. Cloud Deep Dive
    In the second step, the environment is optimized so that resources are used to the maximum and no superfluous systems run in the cloud. This results in lower cloud costs.
  3. Cloud Managed Services
    In this third step, LCxp provides ongoing insight and adjustments where necessary. With CloudKey, LCxp helps your organization budget better and substantiate cloud decisions with data.

With this step-by-step plan your organization is able to make optimal use of your chosen cloud solution resulting in lower and a better understanding of your cloud costs.

Cloud Scoping

When you are already using a cloud environment – even if it’s only been a few months – LCxp can map out the underlying IT infrastructure and check for potential savings. A scan is performed and, using CloudKey’s artificial intelligence and historical data from the organization on cloud usage, LCxp can advice on optimization and possible cost savings.

On average, the scope phase consists of a 2-week scan. This looks into the usage of the cloud solution from the start. This data is extrapolated to provide a forecast for the coming period. With this prediction, LCxp distinguishes itself from the well-known cloud providers, that offer only a 90-day retrospective. The more historical usage data is available, the more accurate the forecast becomes. The main focus is on the growth of consumption and the associated expenses.

Step 2: Cloud Deep Dive

Cloud Deep Dive

The opportunities that emerge from the first phase – Cloud Scoping – are further elaborated in this next step. This phase also takes about 2 weeks. In consultation with your organization’s cloud experts, choices in IT architecture are put forward.

Because LCxp serves a diverse palette of customers, we know the range within which the use of various resources should fall in order to be considered ‘normal’. When outliers are spotted, this is checked with your IT specialists. Consultation and advice follows regarding this use: is it a conscious choice or an opportunity for saving? LCxp’s advice is independent and offers insight into choices and use of the cloud environment. Clients then decide for themselves which recommendations are adopted and implemented.

Step 3: CloudKey Managed Services

CloudKey Managed Services

Optimizing the cloud environment maximizes resources and reduces costs. LCxp can provide a monthly or quarterly analysis of the IT environment and changes in resources used with the CloudKey Assurance Plan. This allows customers to better identify their cloud costs on the cloud provider’s invoice.

When cloud contracts have a longer-term, it is still advisable to actively monitor the cloud environment. After all, the added value of cloud computing lies in the agility to react fast to changes in the organization or the industry. By implementing changes immediately, the cloud environment remains optimized and that always leads to benefits.

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