Contract negotiations


When you want to extend your current agreement, or when you want to enter into a new agreement, you want to know exactly what the current status and needs of your ICT environment are. Your current needs and your needs in the short, medium, and long term play an important role in achieving the objective of concluding the best possible agreement for your organization. Determining the ICT strategy requires clear input from the ICT manager.

LCxp has the right tooling to deliver clear reports. On this basis, we are happy to assist you in the negotiations with Microsoft. We use our experience and knowledge to draw up an agreement with the most optimal conditions and the best price conditions.

The fact that LCxp has no financial ties with the various software vendors is necessary to arrive at a customer-oriented solution. Unlike most consultants, LCxp has no other interest than yours in this process. In addition, LCxp is able to provide complete transparency about the process developed by the software vendors in which several parties earn money directly or indirectly from the choices you make. These insights give you as a customer the necessary control and ammunition to get the optimal agreement on the table.

The negotiation process is a process with which LCxp has extensive experience, and expertise that we are happy to deploy for you.

Independent and clear advice.

Objectives in contract negotiation are:

  • Taking stock of the current and future situation;
  • Advising on the contract to be concluded, use of Software Assurance Benefits, mapping out all possible scenarios, including substantiation and an indication of any risks;
  • Negotiating with the Licensing Solution Providers (LSPs);
  • Negotiate the price per license with the manufacturer.
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