External Audit

Support during a Microsoft External Audit

During an external audit initiated by Microsoft, a third party will report its findings to Microsoft. Contrary to an external review, an audit is conducted by an official accountacy firm. This is an extremely intensive process during which this third party, e.g. KPMG or Deloitte, is physically present in your organisation to run various tools that are used to generate a report for Microsoft.

If it turns out that any software was not installed correctly or if you have no or not enough licences for the software you use, you will be fined. Furthermore, practical experience shows that these accountacy firms tend to interpret the licensing regulations from the vendor’s perspective. As a result, it is quite common for higher charges to be employed, in addition to any incompliance that is found. Once again, independent advice is essential to ensure that you do not pay too much for your actual usage/needs.

LCxp assists its clients throughout this entire audit process. This includes the communication that is conducted together with the client with the auditors and the software developers.

During this process, LCxp does whatever it can to take the pressure off your organisation, so you have enough time and peace of mind to make well-considered decisions. It is important to take charge during this audit process and to understand your obligations and especially your rights as a client.

Objectives during an External Audit are:

  • Postponing the audit if necessary;
  • Quickly assessing the current situation with regards to your installed base;
  • Damage control: minimising the damage or fine as much as possible;
  • Ensuring that, in the event of incompliance, the rectification fits as well as possible within your medium-term (3-6 years) IT policy.
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