External Review

Support during an External Review

During an external review, your organisation’s licensing structure is assessed by an external party. This is not an ideal position to be in. They will draw up a report of their concrete findings, without revealing any necessary changes or improvements. Furthermore, these parties are not independent and operate by order of the developer. Your software supplier is often part of the same organisation as the reviewer.

LCxp has years of experience with assisting businesses during this review process. Our specialists have already successfully contributed to more than 400 reviews. There are many more possibilities during this process. LCxp has the right tooling and expertise to quickly assess the damage of any hidden incompliance. The goal is always to limit the risks and financial consequences of any incompliance as much as possible.

If a settlement has to be paid, we strive to make this an investment in your organisation’s future, rather than a fine for its past.

During this review process, LCxp assists the client during the interviews with the reviewing party and the negotiations with software developers that follow. Our goals during an external review of your organisation are:

  • Postponing the review if necessary;
  • Quickly assessing the current situation in your organisation with regards to your installed base;
  • Damage control: minimising the hidden incompliance/redundancy of installations within your organisation as much as possible;
  • Ensuring that, in the event of incompliance, the rectification fits as well as possible within your organisation’s medium-term IT policy.
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