License Assurance Plan

License Assurance Plan

You want constant control over and insight into your entire licensing structure.

What software is installed and used in your organization changes all the time and the various software developers are always modifying the complex regulations and terminology of their software.

This makes it almost impossible for you to keep your current licenses in line with your organization’s current software usage. Staying in control becomes nearly undoable.

Resellers do not offer independent advice when it comes to optimizing your licensing structure. This is due to the fact that they receive a bonus from software developers depending on how many licenses they sell.

The License Assurance Plan is a three-year contract that offers you full support with all your licensing questions. Furthermore, the License Assurance Plan offers support with the various (annual) reports to software developers and resellers.

By signing up for a License Assurance Plan, you can stay in control of your licensing structure and your organization’s various licensing agreements.

The License Assurance Plan offers many benefits:

  • Gives you the opportunity to purchase licenses under optimal conditions, which can lead to significant cost savings;
  • Ensures compliance with the right licensing regulations;
  • Grants you access to our purchasing support services;
  • Provides consistently up-to-date information about the latest software developments;
  • Reduces your risk of being under licensed;
  • Offers support with the various (annual) reports to software developers and resellers.
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