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Software Asset Management & Optimisation Services (SAMOS)

You are undoubtedly familiar with the importance of legal compliance when it comes to software licences. You do not want any nasty surprises regarding your licensing costs or risk paying too much. Furthermore, incompliance might lead to fines and bad PR. Proper insight into your licensing positions can help you avoid all that. Big data from licensing and software usage and our experts’ in-depth analyses and consultancy services come together in the form of a unique Enterprise Managed Service: SAMOS.

SAMOS stands for “Software Asset Management & Optimisation Services.”

Why IT decision makers invest in SAMOS:

  • Improved insight into software usage and licences with the help of clear and customisable dashboards your IT administrators.
  • Reduced risk of incompliance due to financial impact indicators and licensing contract information for your IT Manager.
  • Predictable IT budget by carefully planning investments and avoiding surprises for your CFO.
  • In-depth analyses and custom advice from our independent experts lead to decision documents for your CIO.

SAMOS facilitates the automatic collection of software usage data from your network. These data are compared to your licences and contracts on our proprietary platform and visualised in the form of an insightful dashboard. Our experts offer periodical clarification, analyses and advice based on this information, so you can make the right management decisions. You are free to decide how often and for which software you wish to receive our analyses and advice.

If you already have an LAP (Licence Assurance Plan), your costs are deducted and brought in line with your investment in SAMOS.

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Reduce your risks and make your budget predictable with SAMOS Managed Services.