Second-hand licenses

Second-hand licenses

lcxp second-hand licencesDo you want to maximise your revenue by selling your unused licenses and/or purchasing second-hand licenses as cheaply as possible? LCxp is the ideal partner for you. You can save anywhere from 30% to 70% on Microsoft’s standard rates.

We will connect you to the most reliable distributors in our international network. Reliability is a “key factor” in this opaque market, where it is all too easy to come into contact with malicious organisations that are out to cheat you. That is why LCxp has a thorough supplier selection process. We only work with distributors that meet all requirements (e.g. having official documentation) pertaining to the purchase and sale of second-hand licenses. We guarantee that you run zero risk if your second-hand licenses are ever reviewed or audited. We make sure that your unused licenses are sold for the highest price possible and that you can purchase second-hand licenses as cheaply as possible.

Our many clients are all very satisfied about LCxp’s consultancy and mediation services when it comes to selling and buying second-hand licenses.

Second-hand licenses are often quite valuable and it would be a waste to let them go unused. If you are interested in buying second-hand licenses or if you want to sell your unused licenses, contact us as soon as possible.

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