Supplier selection

Supplier selection

In the Netherlands, a number of Licensing Solutions Partners (LSPs) are active. When selecting a supplier, you have to make the right choice from among this group. These parties have signed (financial) agreements with the various software developers.

These agreements often boil down to the fact that the LSP is rewarded based on the value of the final licensing deal. The higher the revenue, the more the LSP earns. Furthermore, LSPs receive higher rewards for selling specific products. It is therefore impossible for these parties to offer purely client-oriented advice.

In most cases, this construction is not transparent either. In cases where the situation is deliberately kept unclear and opaque, LCxp’s services can be invaluable. Our primary goal is to offer you complete insight, so you can make a well-considered choice.

LCxp helps you select the right partner by drawing up a design brief together with you. This makes it possible to devise a clear strategy, based on which a preselection of potential LSPs can be made.

Before the end of a contract period, you can either select a new LSP or renew your contract with your current LSP.

During this supplier selection process, we make all of their earning models transparent. For the new agreement between your organisation and your LSP, it will therefore be entirely clear what the LSP earns and what services you get in return. This transparency benefits the collaboration with your LSP.

The objectives of a supplier selection by LCxp are:

  • Making the LSPs earning models transparent;
  • Selecting the right LSP for your organisation, based on predefined criteria.
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